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Learn PyGame by Developing Games From Scratch. From simple games using single images to complex games using classes and 100 sprites, this course will cover it all!
  • Having MacOS, Windows or Linux operating system.
  • Willingness to explore the concepts for Developing Games.
  • No previous programming experience needed.
  • Learn the Python basics and apply them to real world projects.
  • Learn how the Object Oriented Programming is used in practice.
  • Take user inputs to change the game state.
  • Create 2 Player games.
  • Master the PyGame 2D game development.
  • Create playable games, for your own sense of achievement.
  • Animating game characters and the displayed text.
  • Playing music and import pictures inside a game.
  • Create 7 awesome games in total! 4 that are very beginner friendly, 2 that are intermediate, and 1 that is advanced.